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Q: Ok so I was just wondering how long you think a guy would take to call after a first date? Basically we went on a date on Saturday and while there he invited me to a second one for weekend while next we were still on the date...when should I expect to hear from him by? I don't want to be too needy or naggy but I'm excited!!
A: Leave your advice in the comments! :)
I'd wait if I were you. But he better not take too long. My fiance pursued me hard. I loved that. You deserve a guy who is TOTALLY crazy into you and not ambivalent about it.
I let the anon know to check the card everyone! Thanks for your advice :) @allischaaff @TerrcaRiley @onesmile @DaniaChicago
Just wait!! If your'e feeling these kinda good vibes I'm sure he'll call :)
Alrigth!! Let me start off with my advice. First, yay that you had a good time! Congrats haha. I would say you should assume he will be in contact some how by like Thursday to set up plans if he was already asking you this far in advance, it seems like he'as a planner. If he hasn't by then, well, consider this: maybe he has lost your contact info (it does happen!!) or he's somehow incapacitated. If he has already texted or called you but not mentioned it, maybe he's no longer interested, or it just forgot. Keep you plans open if you can but dont worry too much about bending over backwards fro him!! You guys can always reschedule :)
@ChristinaBryce anytime dear
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