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Q: Ok so I was just wondering how long you think a guy would take to call after a first date? Basically we went on a date on Saturday and while there he invited me to a second one for weekend while next we were still on the date...when should I expect to hear from him by? I don't want to be too needy or naggy but I'm excited!!
A: Leave your advice in the comments! :)
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I agree with @onesmile. Just wait
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I'd wait if I were you. But he better not take too long. My fiance pursued me hard. I loved that. You deserve a guy who is TOTALLY crazy into you and not ambivalent about it.
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I let the anon know to check the card everyone! Thanks for your advice :) @allischaaff @TerrcaRiley @onesmile @DaniaChicago
2 years ago·Reply
oops!! @TerrecaRiley misspelled the first time ><
2 years ago·Reply
@ChristinaBryce anytime dear
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