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Concentrator is used to control the air speed and flow from the blow dryer. It comes in different sizes (long, short, narrow, wide). wide nozzle is best used for drying long thick hair to expand the width of the air flow. This simply covers more area of the hair and dries faster.
Narrow nozzle is best used for polished finishes when more air concentration is need. For instance, the fringe and hair that are resistant to blow dry.
Usage tip: Never suffocate the nozzle by direct contact with the brush. You want to leave at least a half inch space. This will make your blowdryer last longer and reduce hair from being damaged.
See real demonstration below!

From Frizzy/Curly to Straight Blowout

Beauty vlogger Carli Bybel shows you how to blow dry frizzy and curly hair. Notice she doesn't let her blow dryer nozzle touch the brush.

Different Ways to Blow Dry and Style Bangs

Here's the annoying thing about having bangs. They can get greasy, flat and out of shape on humid days. It's important to immediately dry and style the bangs as soon as you step out of shower. If you're in a rush in the morning you can run your dampen your bangs with sink water, then style. In the video above, AlliGlow shows you how to achieve different styles with the nozzle.
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OMG YES. Thank you for posting this! The girl in the first video has my exact hair texture, which isn't as common in hair tutorials, so it's nice to see that even my hair can have nice results with a concentrator.