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this is a post I just posted on my tumblr, but I wanna hear other fans' stories so feel free to share with me! ^^
For me it was the song Fiction - from Beast that started my journey into K-POP. I fell in love with that song and the way they portrayed the lyrics - then I fell in love with Lee Gi Kwang. Then I got to see them in concert at K-Pop Masters in Las Vegas both nights then later at the Google concert in Mountainview, CA - it was there that I was able to see them up close and get Kiki's attention and he took the time to bow and wave to me - and then I was hooked for life!
@boramjean agreed! there are some American Rap songs I like but not a lot. Variety shows make me so happy <3
@katiems It was the same for me, about rapping. I can't stand American rap, so it was shocking to me that I loved it so much in kpop. I mean, honestly, what I listen to as far as American music is nothing like kpop. So, it's always been so surprising to me that it's stayed in my heart like this. Variety shows are the greatest ♡ I'm so happy that they exist.
@boramjean oh that's awesome! ^^ I love variety shows! Kpop honestly has made me actually like rapping a looot more now. its really cool how you found your forever bias through variety shows <3
I was a lot like you to a certain degree, and I still am to this day. When I first got into kpop, the songs and dances were what caught my eye. It took me forever to learn the names of the groups that I listened to the most. To this day, I still look at the songs and dances first. I will learn the names of a group if I listen to them enough. I didn't start watching variety shows until last year, but that's when I found my forever bias, Suho. The artists I had as biases before were solely based on skill. Rapping is one of my favorite parts of kpop, so many of my former biases are rappers because of this. Thanks to variety shows, I now have my longest lasting bias ♡
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