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Omo.. this is the most awaited episode of all time, started from a one sided love that grows into a real love between these couple. Episode 11: Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul) confessed her love to Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) on 'A Gentleman's Dignity.' To her confession, Kim Do Jin replied with a kiss. After Kim Do Jin observed Seo Yi Soo's window kiss, he asked, "Didn't you leave?" Seo Yi Soo responded, "I left and came back." He added coldly, "Did you really want to hear that I have nothing to do with you so much to come back after you left?" To his reaction, Seo Yi Soo complained, "What's so great about this person...," as Kim Do Jin interrogated, "Do you like me?" Seo Yi Soo confessed, "Didn't you see earlier? It's been a while since I liked you. I'm not asking you to accept my confession right now so..." Before she could continue, Kim Do Jin surprised her with a kiss and said, "That was an impressive confession." He further asked, "Since when did you like me?" Seo Yi Soo responded, "I was nervous when you said you would start liking me, excited when I saw my photo in your wallet, shaken when you said 'can't you just like me,' and scared when you said you were going to miss me."
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One of my fave scenes!