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Everytime I'm tired or just feeling down, I put Number 1 by Big Bang and automatically I start dancing and smiling like crazy. This song is my favorite and GD saying "I'm a hardworking man and I work for my fans" just ughhhh! it kills me!! aokdjfbfhxhnf !! Post your favorite lyric and just say why it is your favorite. They don't have to be deep lyrics just something that brightens your day is enough.
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Or "imma take you one more joyride today. Make you stay true no doubt we never hesitate to make love surnuf' you're the only one that I'm ever thinking of.Just to hold you baby it can hardly wait. As we go through the motions damn its great to make love surnuf . We gonna take it to the end that's what's up" Favorite English rap ever!!! <3
Haha I guess I have a dirty mind but I always hear "I grab her hand and pussy" @SashaLove lol
@zellie15 I thought the same until I read the lyrics XD
So many lyrics. So little time. I looooooove #LuvUHater by San E, Backseat by JYJ, Life by Rap Monster, Loser by Big Bang, and so many others. I can't choose. I just can't.
I like Crooked.