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We're gonna start with Miss A's I Don't Need A Man. I love this song and how it's about not needing a man for financial reasons; if a guy wants them, he's gonna have to actually put in the effort rather than try to "buy" them.
Next is Lee Hyori's Bad Girls. It's titled "Bad Girls", but really, she's one badass awesome GOOD girl. :-)
What is any list without 2ne1? This is my favorite female K-Pop song ATM :-) There's just something about a song where the lyrics are literally: I am the best.
Up next we have f(x)'s Red Light. I love this song because it encourages you to stop, look at the situation in front of you, breath, and go from there. Only you can make your decisions (that's what I get from it, but hey, I could be wrong lol).
Finally, we have CL's The Baddest Female. This song is fantastic because it crushes the stereotypes on women. Women are looked at as typically weak, flowery beings, but this song declares that it's okay to be strong, be confident, be proud, be smart.
I really like all of these songs and I love their messages for women. NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE YOURSELF!! Whether that means you're a feminine, bouncy kind of girl or you're a tough, confident kind of girl, or maybe even a mixture of the two. <3
What other songs do you think would fit on this list?
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@sarahmoss, I can't take credit for the list hahaha I just really liked the idea! But definitely come up with another one!! I LOVE empowering songs!
@kpopandkimchi, that's awesome!! I love it when I see people doing what they want rather than what the masses want for them <3
Amber is bae
and defiantly gonna make my own list sometime soon.... maybe... not sure
@NinjaGirlEmber, I really loved Amber in this video!! And you definitely should!!