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I want to see if anyone can name all of these Korean stars by their Hangul names. It's not completely Kpop, and there are some Kdrama stars in there as well. I'll post the answers tomorrow if you'd like to see how many you know. I tried to rank them by difficulty (1-18) but that depends on what you think looks difficult. This took much longer than I'd like to admit, so I'm excited to share it with you all!! (Plus 10,000 imaginary brownie points if you can find which two repeat) Have fun with this and good night! :D
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1. Lee Seung Hyun --> Angel Eyes 2. Lee Sang Yoon --> Angel Eyes 3. Lee Ho Dong --> Reply 94 & 97, Mask, & My lovely girl 4. Lee Min Ho --> Heirs, Faith, & City Hunter 5. Park Ji Min --> Dream Night 6. Dong Yong Bae --> Can't Remember any Movies or Dramas 7. Lee Jae Joon --> Dating Agency Cyrano 8. Kang Ha Neul --> Angel Eyes, Monstar, To The Beautiful You 9. Kim Woo Bin --> Gentle Mans Dignity, Twenties 10. Lee Jong Suk --> Pinocchio, I Can Hear Your Voice, School 2013, Doctor Stranger 11. Kim Nam Joon --> Can't remember dramas or movies 12. Kim Ryeo Wook --> Attack On The Pin-up Boys, Super Junior Mini Drama 13. Kim Jun Myeon --> The Prime minister and I, EXO Next Door , 14. Park Chan Yeol --> Salute d'Amore, EXO Next Door 15. Choi Si Won --> Oh My Lady, King Of Dramas 16. Kwon Ji Yong --> Haru 17. Byun Baek Hyun --> Exo Next Door 18. Kim Woo Bin --> Heirs, School 2013
Assuming you two did not Google that, I'm very impressed!! 馃榿馃榿
@TMinusEleven I've watched most of the dramas and movies, or at least heard of them.
@TMinusEleven thank you! I'm glad you did this. It was a challenge, and it made me think. Lol I had fun doing it. 馃槅馃槃
9 & 18 repeat