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In this episode, Do jin's love for YiSoo dramatically changed. The conflict began when Yi Soo lied to Tae San (Kim Su Ro) and Se Ra (Yoon Se Ah) when she told them she was in a relationship with Do Jin. Do Jin was so disappointed in Yi Soo for using him and told her that his love was not strong enough to endure her actions. After Do Jin turned away from Yi soo, she finally realized her love for him and cried, but it was too late to change Do Jin's mind. Yi Soo constantly texted Do Jin, but he didn't respond to any of her messages. Yi Soo went to his work place and waited and waited for Do Jin; however, when finally they met, he passed by her without saying a word. Yi Soo didn't give up and continuously waited in front of his office for him until his work was done, but Do Jin never came to her. Again, at the baseball game, Do Jin acted like Yi Soo was not even present. Although Yi Soo apologized and confessed her love for him, Do Jin didn't change his cold manner to her. Yi Soo asked Do Jin "You came here because you're not angry at me anymore, right?" However, Do Jin said "Yi Soo, you are not important enough that I should alter my schedule to avoid meeting you. Yi Soo was deeply hurt by his ruthless statement. Later, at a dinner meeting, Yi Soo tried hard to get the opportunity to talk to Do Jin, but again, he coldly ignored her and talked only to his friends. Although Yi Soo begged Do Jin for another chance to convey her feelings, Do Jin unkindly said to her "Don't flirt with me!" Yi Soo was frustrated and heartbroken.