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Super Sonico is Nitroplus mascot who was developed into the media franchise such as music products, manga series, computer and video games, figurines, and other merchandise. She also stars in her anime Super Sonico the Animation. She's an 18 year old college student who is depicted as an attractive busty young adult. She loves to sleep a lot which also makes it hard for her to wake up as seen in the anime. She has multiple alarm clocks and five cats that wakes her up. She is also known to be late to for school which her teacher let's it slide. Her favorite food are macarons. She's a gravure idol, vocalist, and guitarist in a fictional band called the First Astronomical Velocity. Kitamura is her gravure idol manager. He wears a mask all the time and can be very protective of Sonico when other people make her wear inappropriate clothing that is revealing. He also carries around a katana on his back. Her bandmates are Suzu Fujimi (Founder,lead singer, and bassist of First Astronomical Velocity; also attempts to dress Sonico in outfits that can be revealing sometimes) and Fuuri Watanuki (Drummer of the First Astronomical Velocity who is shy and good natured; also loves to eat and sleep a lot when not playing in the band). They both refer to Sonico as Nico-chan. Her trademark is her headphones that she's always seen worn in video games, music albums, artwork, and the anime.
Enjoy Nico-chan's pics~!
Gifs for all!!! (^_^)
@VinMcCarthy It is nice. Definitely check it out.
this anime looks interesting! I've never seen it before but I think I should check it out now.