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Baek Ah Yeon with Daddy Long Legs (acoustic version). Hear this song, remembering our couple Meaning of the song... Step by step, I go to you You are coming to me too Your small smile Becomes my everything * Maybe it’s love, how I feel right now Maybe it’s love, though it may be lacking I close my eyes, I cover my ears but The love inside me feels you It’s okay if I can’t reach you It’s okay if I can’t touch you Just like now things are now Just stay at that spot, at that place * Repeat I am only drawing you out like this I can’t do anything like this I miss even the traces of you If even your heart will linger near, If even your tears will be shed, Even if I give my everything, it won’t be enough cr: http://popgasa.com/2012/12/16/baek-ah-yeon-daddy-long-legs-%ED%82%A4%EB%8B%A4%EB%A6%AC-%EC%95%84%EC%A0%80%EC%94%A8-alice-in-cheongdamdong-ost/