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Scratch out whatever you learned about short, curly hair. #BigHairDon'tCare is having a moment right now. And for those of you who have natural locks might want, lucky you! Because you have a options to beautify your hair.
A pixie cut for curly hair might be the most romantic style ever. This hairstyle is suitable if you have an oval-face shape and soft, big curls.
This is another pixie cut but more grown out. Perfect for those with bouncy curls and wants volume on the back.
If you naturally have big hair you take advantage of the volume and soften the locks for a glamour look.
For naturally curly waves, you can do a leave-in-conditioner treatment to make your hair glossier.
Give dimension to the tiny ringlets with accent colors. You'll be surprise how flattering it looks.
Some stylist suggest naturally curly and thick hair to stay away from bobs but I think the texture adds and interesting touch to the cut. So, it can work depending on your face shape.
I have pretty long hair, but I love these. These are seriously just adorable.
@Tabbi glad you liked it!
love this card!! my hair is wavy and curly.... it's always been super thick and straight when I flat iron it but I just adore the all natural look!! the different types of textures of hair is amazing and nice to see it on this card! Thanks