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With Big Bang's recent comeback, I've gotta say my favorite releases so far are "Sober" and "If you". These songs really show a different side of Big Bang especially when you put them together. "If you" is the first song that has ALL 5 members singing and when did we ever expect to have all 5 members sing together? Hearing TOP's voice as a singer really is a new direction for the group. Seungri's voice shined in "If you" and really demonstrates his growth. Throughout the song you can see the different dynamic that each member adds to the group and I honestly think that is amazing. In "Sober" you can see Daesung introducing his drum skills and how hard he practice. Even before preforming for Thailand you can see from the Big Bang video diary his nerves, but of course he ended up killing it! GD's lyrics always capture the audiences' feelings so well. Honestly this comeback just reminds everyone how amazing and dynamic this group is (we never forgot tho; they jst continue to prove their talents). Everyone in the group has tons of talent but together they are amazing.
Your right! No one ever forgets them for they are loveable throughout time
that wallpaper!!!!! omg I want to participate too
I know "If You" just gives me the feels everytime I hear it!! Just like "Haru Haru" did as well. Well said!! Couldn't have said it any better!! :)