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Yes guys i'm a slacker, i know but now i'm back and here to deliver ...your songs ( I've been active i just haven't been doing the SOTD for the past TWO days) I'll be doing the SOTD at an earlier timing than usaul now because it seems i cant stay up as late as i thought i could. Yes my reason for not doing it was sleep......i know not very good of a reason but it happends lol But NO MORE RAMBLING
This is 2PM 's "A.D.T.O.Y" music video. I personally have liked this song since the first time i heard it
Yes of course i had to put my people up here in some kind of way even if its only a fraction of the band. This song is "Knock Out" by G-Dragon & T.O.P
This song is "Apple" by Gain......she also happens to be a memember of the Brown Eyed Girls so if you like this song maybe you'll like the group as a whole too :)
(SOTD are strictly for the purpose of informing myself and others of songs that may or may not have heard of by K-Pop artist. In no way does this mean that I am "ultimate fan" of the groups or artist featured. It just means I like them/their music) Have a good day guys ~(^.^)~
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wow well imagine ur self being that girl who walks around them when they sing. or the girl the all touch