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I always enjoy the expieriance of local grocery shopping...especially now that I'm getting better at reading and unerstanding what I'm looking at...I just wish I had access to a real kitchen and not just a microwave
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being able to sound things out didn't take long at all...understanding is a different matter... but being able to read it helps with learning because you get propper pronunciation as opposed to romanised Korean
@RobertMarsh wow you have a Korea keyboard too. I'm having trouble making the letter blocks with mine. the order has to be correct or you say something completely different.
install, TenguGo Hangul on your phone or tablet... it will help...I use a virtual keyboard on my computer and the Google Korean keyboard on my phone
@RobertMarsh looking for it now! thank you sir! I
@RobertMarsh got it, time to play with my new app! ;D