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Actress Kim Hee Sun revealed that her husband, Park Joo Young showed jealousy towards Lee Min Ho. During the episode of SBS "Healing Camp- Kim Hee Sun" that aired on December 24th, Kim Hee Sun talked with her husband over the phone. Her husband said, "I was having fun watching the drama, "Faith," that my wife and Lee Min Ho were in, but I stopped watching it after their kiss scene." He continued, "I could have just thought it was acting, but then I also thought, I wonder if that really is acting. I was really that focused on the drama."
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I was jealous to, so I can imagine what the husband was going through! Lmbo.
So make sure 'heirs' do not pair lmh w married actress. Can't wait to know who is t female lead..
Yes u t right yatie.
es que es de esperar que estuviera celoso, con un galan tan guapo como prota, porq lee min ho es bello y perfect