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They say when you trip and fall, you can see the ramifications. You bleed, you get a scab. You get back up and start moving again.
When little kids fall off of their bikes, or trip at school, someone is there to let them know that things are going to be okay.

When we're running from something, it has a tendency to catch us.

Surfer Mick Fanning was chased and attacked by a shark during the J-Bay Surfing Open and survived.
When he competed in the Open in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa I bet he never expected to be attacked by a shark. He escaped unscathed, and over 8 Million people have watched him do it on the internet. Glory over death.
Is there really, ever a choice? Or do death and glory converge under one gray umbrella that we're forced to carry around when it rains?
I find myself asking the hard questions lately. Like, do I engage in shambolic actions just to say that I have? Or was I just born that way?
The fact that this man survived a shark attack and is totally calm about it, while I flail around worrying about my future is a little unsettling. I have to get it together. That guy escaped a shark attack, and I can't escape my head.
Do I ask too many God damn questions?
Do we attract the sharks that attack us, or do they just come out of the gray?
I feel as if I'm running behind the consequences of my nature, or the nature of the person I want to be.
For someone who types all day, I seem to ask a lot of questions.
When things start to tailspin and our only recourse is ourselves, there can be some scary thoughts. Our minds travel at the speed of light, and sometimes they're faster.
Mick calmed down, swam away and got to safety. That's what we need to do when things get too overwhelming. We have to get a grip, and swim to safety.
Easier said than done right?
Again with the questions.
When you're hitchhiking on your path and you're just waiting to get picked up, you mind can run wild.
You tell yourself you've failed. Your fears of being rejected show up and take over. The sharks come out of the gray and attack you where you stand, making you vulnerable and insecure.
In order to combat these feelings, the first thing we need to do is realize:
It will be okay. It has to. Something has to happen, right?
When things get hard, people get professional, they deal with their problems. Why?
Because they have to. If we're casting our line, and we catch a shark, we've got to throw it back. When we get overwhelmed, it's best to let go.
When a shark is chasing you, and intends on eating swim away.
Because regardless, you must stand alone in order to survive.
Death and glory may be one in the same, but if we can keep away whatever is chasing us, even if it's ourselves, we may be able to strike the balance.
If Mick can escape from a shark, surely, we can get over whatever's trying to stop us.
I saw this in the news! He straight-up punched the shark. I kinda think we can do that in our lives...just punch those worries, problems, and frustrations in the mouth. Really well put. :)
Agree, over thinking is debilitating but not like the example of the shark attack. Ty