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Look I am not bitter, a prude, or just a couple hater. In fact, I love love and I seriously love when people are happily in love. Which is why I think I am the best person to inform you,
when you guys constantly make out in public, everyone hates you.
Im sorry, but I figured ripping off the band-aid was the easiest way to break it to you. Keep kissing and being in love please (remember, I love love) but just don't do it in these places.
The Subway, especially was 8:15 am
Totally awesome that you get to ride the train with bae. I wish I could, mostly so I could sleep on someone without getting stabbed. But I would really not have to spend my hour commute trying to make it not obvious that Im trying not the stare at you and your boo macking it every 15 seconds.
Anywhere with your family
Some hand holding and a peck kiss here and there is totally fine, but your family does not wants to watch you assaulting someone with your tongue. This goes for dinner, BBQ's, family vacations and yes even the wedding.
Having someone hook up in front of you is awkward enough, now imagine your Dad watching.
Just stop. School sucks so bad to begin with, lets not make it worse by forcing others to watch you get fondled underneath the desk. Be respectful and just pass dirty notes and sneak off during gym for some privacy.
You would think this one would go without say, because God, Jesus or whoever else you believe in is watching with disapproval.
I actually don't like doing PDA. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. Hand holding and hugging is fine. Or even a little peck kiss. But that's ittttttt.
@LizArnone I can't do that kind of stuff in public...performance anxiety
OMG YOU WERE THERE? Ahhh, I would have screamed and barfed and thrown something.
but Scott Disick is my life
Omg, I'm dying at these picture choices. That first one had me screaming, and Scott Disick's face is PRICELESS.
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