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Overthink (v.) - think about (something) too much or for too long.

We've all been there. That moment our mind gets the best of us and we begin to overthink every little thing. Whether it be good or bad, when our mind is made up -- there's no turning back or is there?
It can be hard to remain focused on the positive when in the back of your mind the negative is eating you up inside -- but don't fret more times than often, it's usually not that deep. If you constantly find yourself in situations where you're overthinking every little thing -- let me be the first to point out a few times you thought it was deep, but it really wasn't. Don't let overthinking result in you or yours falling back -- be cautious of the tell tale signs with this card on How To Know When It Is Time To Fall Back.

When They Don't Reply Right Away

Give them a chance. You're tripping off the miniscule. Is it really that serious for you to get upset over? They will reply when they get a chance. Don't stress yourself.

When They Have Other Plans

That's life. The fact that you were with them all of yesterday should be enough for you. You don't want to be up under someone all day every day. Take time to miss one another. You'll appreciate it next time you see each other.

When They Rather Stay In

Don't think just because they rather stay in that they don't want to be seen with you. Sometimes spending time indoors is just as enjoyable as spending time outdoors. The fact that they want to be in your company regardless is always a good thing.

They Rather Talk On The Phone Than Text

If they're willing to sit on the phone with you opposed to sending messages back and forth, why are you complaining? Once again, it's not that deep. Verbal communication is always better.

What are some things you find yourself overthinking about?