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"The force is strong with this one."

A short time ago in a galaxy named Earth, Amy Schumer managed to become an overnight sensation making it very clear that she loves Star Wars along the way. Her shockingly awesome GQ Cover hit news stands this week and let's just say that Disney and Lucasfilm are NOT happy. Especially with the new Star Wars : The Force Awakens movie will be coming soon, they aren't happy with this new press.

Light sabers, fired.

Fans and the official Star Wars Twitter page alike were somewhat pissed that Amy Schumer sexualized their beloved characters. You have to admit though, Amy Schumer looks so sexy and everyone can't ignore that but the Star Wars geeks are still upset. After a fan tweeted his distaste with her cover, Star Wars official Twitter page quickly tweeted back saying that,"Lucasfilm & Disney did not approve, participate in or condone this inappropriate use of our characters in this manner." OUCH. (too bad Amy doesn't care).
Not everyone was upset with the cover, many cheered her on.

Amy, I AM your fan.

"We really did have sex," Amy Schumer told GQ. She is joking about her love making in bed with famous characters R2-D2 and C-3PO as she follows it up having a cigarette. She also is pictured in Princess Leah hair, sucking a light saber, dancing with storm troopers, Grilling it up with Chewbacca, Taking a cab with Yoda, and partying it up with her Star Wars friends in a gay leather bar. This is provocative and fun and everyone but Star Wars geeks are loving it.

GQ named her the, "funniest woman in the galaxy".

Look, Schumer is celebrating her huge success after starring in Trainwreck which is killing at the box office. She's a new A-lister and everyone in Hollywood wants to be her BFF and her fans think they're already her BFF. Her family loves Star Wars and Schumer does too. There is no way for Amy to go other than up into super stardom. SCHUMER FOR THE WIN.
Did the GQ Cover offend you?
I wouldve thought it was copyright infringement... I'm more interested in how she didn't get sued lol
@Goyo I would have thought the same thing, but parody is exempt from infringement. Just look at shows like Family Guy, South Park and others that do the same thing (and worse).
@marshalledgar - absolutely correct. Copyright is not enforceable in regards to parody, educational purposes, and news reporting/broadcasting. I bet the Founding Fathers never pictured this when they wrote the parody part of those laws. LOL. I guess parody was protected because people wanted to make fun on the monarchy - which was punishable by death. Making fun of Ol' King George to Amy Schumer Star Wars Parody - our country is progressing quite nicely. :D
I ♥'em yeah some of them are in poor taste but that's what comics do and I'm lovingly her right now.
Amy Schumer, so hot right now.
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