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Sure, she's "one mysterious interdimensional superhero with mysterious background and mysterious anger issues", but Miss America is a modern-day hero, of course she'd have an iPod. But what would she listen to?
I already answered this question for Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. I thought I'd make a mix for my favorite Young Avenger. America is super-strong, super brave, and the laws of physics can kiss her a**. She'd have great taste in music. [Heads up: it's gonna be explicit].
(Fanart by vylla-art)

Hola- Snow Tha Product

I included the video because I think America would love it. And have I mentioned yet that she's bilingual? Yup. America Chavez speaks Spanish and English fluently. She'd be all over Snow Tha Product. Her music is tough and confident, and totally catchy.

"The laws of physics can kiss my ass!"

A Tribe Called Red- Angel Haze

Angel Haze is one of the most brilliant, inspiring artists working right now. If you ever feel down, or just want to get pumped up, this song is gonna do it for you. The energy and indomitable attitude of this song is exactly what I think of when I read any comics featuring America Chavez.

Sweetest Thing- Lauryn Hill

This is definitely an old-school song, and it's incredibly soothing and sensual to listen to. Though I think for the most part America would be listening to newer music, I don't think she'd reject anything older- especially not the amazingly talented Lauryn Hill.

"Am I the only person on this team who's straight?"

"Princess. I've seen the way you look at me. You're not that straight."

BLK WICCAN- Zebra Katz

This is mostly on the list because of America's relationship with the character Wiccan- Loki tried to trick her into killing him, and she decided to do the opposite. She and Wiccan are also some of the most prominent openly LGBT characters in Marvel right now. Zebra Katz and Angel Haze are both representing in hip-hop, tearing down boundaries in real life the way America does in the comics.

Feelin' Myself- Nicki Minaj & Beyonce

This song is pretty much obligatory. Beyonce and Nicki Minaj collaborating? Run, don't walk. This song is the ultimate confidence-booster. Two extremely talented women celebrating self-love should be the soundtrack to ever super-powered heroine's entrance.

Worlds to save Loki. You know how it is.

Conclusion: America Chavez is a badass.

You probably already knew that. Since it seems like people have really enjoyed these fanmixes, which character should I do next? I was considering Iron Man but I'm totally open to suggestions!
(Fanart by engchee)