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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence isn’t a new feat. We’ve been looking for aliens for a while, but with no discovery yet.
In 1960, American astronaut Frank Drake introduced a 85-foot radio telescope to "detect interstellar radio transmissions sent by beings outside our solar system.” But funding for other initiatives has gone down quite a bit... Until now.
A new initiative proudly supported by Stephen Hawking teaming up with successful entrepreneur Yuri Milner, called "Breakthrough Listen" will provide $100 million in funding over the next decade to top researchers in this field.
Their reasoning for this: “If we are not alone in the universe...Then what discovery could be more important?"
Is there life outside our planet? Science says probably. And Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner say it's now our turn to look for it.
On the anniversary of the first man on the moon, it seems fitting that we are expanding our search efforts to find life outside of our own. Neil A. Armstrong would be proud and excited.
The new observations are set to start in 2016. Perhaps we will see ET within our lifetime.
They live streamed their announcement, and really explained their true desire to explore.
“Pick a star, any star...Imagine there is an intelligent species that believes they are the center of the universe, a universe made for them...We inhabit a tiny universe oblivious to the rest of the cosmos.”
Are we ready to see what’s out there? Time to be in awe of the universe.