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It's Monday and you're pissed to be back at your desk, but I'm here with your #mondaymotivation. You may not be thrilled to be back at work, but just remember, it could be so much worse. There are several TV characters out there who have terrible jobs that I do not envy. A few characters love their (in my opinion) awful jobs, a few hate them. Either way, they make me feel better about my job, and motivate me to stay positive this morning.

Toby, The Office - Human Resources Rep

His actual position as HR rep probably wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the hell that Michael Scott puts him through. As Michael says, Toby's job is to "make the office lame", so he becomes pretty despised by several members of the office, simply for doing his job. Poor Toby, I always felt a little bad for him. Michael has even been known to pull Toby's pants down in front of everyone, a joke that would surely get you fired everywhere except Dunder Mifflin.

Kenneth, 30 Rock - NBC Page

You might never think of Kenneth as having a terrible job because he's so perpetually cheerful. He loves his job more than most any TV character, but in reality, his job sort of sucks. As a page, he gives tours, run errands and meets the ridiculous needs of Tracy Jordan (going to get him nachos from Yankee stadium, for example). However, his intense love for TV keeps him motivated to perform a long list of menial tasks.

Michael Bluth, Arrested Development - President of The Bluth Company

I have no idea what exactly this job entails, but it seems like it might just be professional babysitting. Between visiting his dad in jail and making sure his mom doesn't spend all the family money, I don't think much of his job revolves around real estate (the true purpose of The Bluth Company). As the only functional Bluth, Michael has his hands full on a daily basis, a job that I do not envy given the idiotic tendencies of his immediate family.

Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs - Host

Awesome show, terrible job. Essentially, Mike just joins regular employees for a day of performing some of America's dirtiest jobs. For a hint of what Mike Rowe does, cringe at a couple episode titles: "Worm Dung Farmer", "Roadkill Cleaner" and "Avian Vomitologist". Despite those titles, he totally loves his job, but I'd never be caught dead performing the job of "Chinatown Garbage Collector".

Now that you're feeling a bit better about your job, get back to work!

Haha @LauraFisher Love that episode! The best part is that they don't even change what they are calling him because they say Gary doesn't sound like him hahaha
Yes @JordanNash Jerry has such a terrible job! Poor guy, but my favorite episode is when you find out that everyone's been calling him the wrong name for the whole series.
Haha Toby's job from The Office is definitely one of the worst! Also Jerry's job from Parks and Rec! Being insulted by your coworkers 24/7 would get a little old haha