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Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

Shortly after Nick Young’s marriage proposal to Iggy Azalea, rumors began to swirl of wedding day details. One of the pivotal decisions at every wedding is the song selection during the first dance of the newly married couple. While many expected Young to choose a classic such as "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles, Nick pulled another “gem” out of his itunes playlist: “Marry the P**sy” by R.Kelly.
At first R.Kelly thought it was a joke (along with the rest of the world,) until Nick Young personally reached out. Now we have to wonder, is “Marry The Pu**y officially on the table to be spun at Iggy’s wedding?
During an interview with TMZ, Kellz discussed his surprise and excitement about the invitation. "I didn't know that it was real until I met my man today. And now that I know it's real, we have to sit down and discuss the logistics of the whole thing," Kelly said. "Anything I wrote I'm open to performing. I wrote the song, I put that on myself... I never thought anybody on the planet would come and ask me to sing it for a wedding. But you know what? It should be fine."
For those who may have forgotten the clever tune by the “Pied Piper,” catch jam during the second video of the slide.
This one is ummm… unforgettable.
To say I have mixed feelings about this one is an understatement.
Do I love the fact the Nick Young is involved in his wedding day plans? Yes! Do I like the song selection of “Marry The Pu**y” as the track played during his first song with his wife?? Ehhh…. you’re own your own here brother.
With that being said, Young is going all out for this one. From the looks of it, he’s going to cut the check to have R.Kelly perform this live. Talk about standing behind your decision.
Regardless of the reaction by guests, the new couple will have a great story to share down the line with family and friends. I mean, it’s not everyday R.Kelly performs “Marry The Pu**y” at someone’s wedding, you know?
I love Kells and I would love him to sing at my wedding, but lol oh man, that song is horrible.
@danidee I dig R.Kelly's music also, but Nick Young has me lost on this one. With all of those timeless hits R.Kelly has under his belt, why start the marriage out with that track, lol