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Wolf's Bane 3 was this weekend. The UK convention for Teen Wolf fans has always been a huge success, with appearances from the cast, special panels, and autograph sessions. If you happened to miss it, here are the highlights from the event!

Tyler Posey & Dylan Sprayberry

Posey has been the lead of the show through all five seasons, and the showrunner Jeff Davis has said that the character arc in store for Sprayberry this season is similar to the one Posey had as Scott McCall in season 1.

And now we know for sure that these two are giant dorks.

Posey also opened up about having gone through difficult times in the past. His impromptu speech inspired fans to share their own stories and send messages of support. Depression is no joke, and it's often difficult to talk about. It's a huge show of trust for an actor to share details like that with his fans- and of course so many of them chimed in to show their support.

Daniel Sharman

There were a few actors present at the con who are no longer on the show. Eaddy Mays was killed off in season 2, and Daniel Sharman is not returning for the current season. But fans still love them, and we got to learn something new about one of our favorite scenes too!

It was an incredible weekend.

Lots of fans were sad to miss the event of course. Since the convention was in the UK, there were plenty of us stuck in the US without the means to go. So I've got a lot of gratitude for the fans that were kind enough to tweet and blog about the experience! They definitely made the rest of us feel included.
Teen Wolf is on tonight at 10pm on MTV.
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@marichelAlvarez I'm sad I couldn't go to this.... at least there's a new episode on tonight!