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So EVO has just concluded, the 3-day fighting game tournament that pits the best of the best (also the worst of the worst) against one another in heated combat, the ultimate testing of wits and finger dexterity.
The Evolution Championship Series (shortened to EVO) is an open tournament, bracketed into double-elimination rounds. Games that are played at EVO include Ultimate Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mortal Combat X, and others.
The developers responsible for these games contribute to the winner's pot for the victors, and with games like USF4, this can be upwards of $50,000.
As videogames have grown more popular, and the esports community has grown larger, EVO too has seen a growth in popularity, and is always updating its list of titles for competition. Even the venue has gotten better; this year's EVO took place in the Bally's/Paris Las Vegas Casino.
Thousands of players and spectators gathered to watch some of the world's best gamers come to duke it out on a grand stage, and they certainly got a good show.
The different game brackets were intense, filled with heated, aggressive, over-the-top violence. However, one match really took the show. It was the Grand Final for Ultimate Street Fighter 4 between crowd favored Gamerbee (who fought up from the loser's bracket) and Momochi, the current Capcom Cup champion.
In the beginning of the second round, Momochi's stick broke, upsetting his rhythm and causing Gamerbee to take the round. There could really be no worse time for a gamer's equipment to fail than when on the stage for the Grand Final at EVO. It's incredible to say the least.
What's more incredible is that he still won.
Ultimately, a replacement was found for Momochi and the final continued, leaving Momochi victorious despite the failing of the stick. Some claim that the pause interrupted a flow that Gamerbee was building, but I don't buy it. Momochi pretty definitively beat Gamerbee in the first round, and was still running on that steam into the second round.
If anyone was thrown off rhythm by the pause, it would have been Momochi. But he proved that the interruption was not a game-breaking moment, and he took home the golden stick. Which is good, as he probably needs it now.