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I don't know about anyone else, but the past few days in NYC (where I live) has been unbearable. The heat is so oppressive just stepping outside makes it a bit harder to breathe.
So for all of us sweaty folk without central air, here are some unconventional tips to help you get though the heat wave alive, without having to wait to get into the public pool full of piss.
Ice Bucket Challenge
Remember the ice bucket challenge of summer 2k14? Its time to bring that back. Have your friends fill up an ice bucket and let it soak for half a hour. Once the water is icy, dump it over your head and enjoy the sweet, refreshing relief of freezing water shocking your body.
Eat all the ice cream in the world
Its hot AF outside. You need to cool down and quick. This is the perfect excuse to eat all the ice cream you've been avoiding for that summer bod. I mean you are legit sweating your body weight so you'll just sweat off the calories right?
Get drunk in a baby pool
Make some frozen drinks and get into a baby pool. The water and the cold drink will cool you down, plus once the pool gets warm you'll already be drunk, which means you won't notice the heat quite as much.
Rent a hotel room
Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Treat yourself to a night at a cheapish hotel room that has an AC. Kick that baby all the way down to the lowest it can go and see if you can make it snow in that room.
That's pretty cool @buddyesd I keep learning tons of cool stuff on Vingle.
@buddyesd were in the middle of this crazy heat wave and the humidity is INSANE its solo bad hahaha @marshalledgar @AmaanRana sometimes you just have to go big or sweat to death am i right hahah @danidee thats pretty much what my weekend is about to consist of don't judge lol
@LizArnone I've learned a lot here lately :)
@marshalledgar exactly, I'm enjoying it
Rent a hotel Room is good....
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