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I grew up as a very shy kid. Now, I may be a bit more vocal as to what I want, but speaking up in groups of over 5 people actually terrifies me. I definitely struggled with the shy bug growing up. What are some of the things you did as a shy child?

Hungry? Whisper It.

Even if someone asks you if you're hungry, you either say "no" or you don't say anything at all. And when the everyone's focus has been shifted, you'll whisper to your parents that you're actually starving.

Class Presentation? Dear God No.

This must be the scariest thing anyone could ask you. You opt for stacks of extra credit and alternative work, because talking in front of a class for 2 minutes will kill you.

You Know The Answer. But That Hand Of Yours Is Staying Down.

Your peers think you don't know the answer, the teacher thinks you're not paying attention. In actuality, you know the answer, but there's a .5% chance you're wrong and you can bring yourself to deal with the embarrassment.
And you remember that one time you actually did raise your hand -- you felt the walls close in, your heart beat faster, and the sweat pour from under your armpits. You don't want to experience that ever again.

Eye Contact Is Awkward

You can't help but look away. You start to feel overwhelmed over long periods of eye contact. Simply put, it freaks you out. And your feel pretty vulnerable. Look away! Look away!

As you get older, you just fake it until you make it. You never really get rid of your shyness, you're just better at concealing it.

@alywoah you are so right!! its like you're the vingle therpist sometimes haha I'm working on the whole not everyone will like me thing...its just harder then I thought lol
@LizArnone yes girl. My stuttering comes about a bit if I am so super, duper nervous, or I am highly stressed out. Fortunately, I've been able to keep it under control, for the most part. People are super judgey but that goes along with how not everyone will like you ;)
I was never really shy but now that I'm older and way more aware of how judge people can be i am def on a guard a little more. Also shout out to the speech impediments!! i had a terrible lisp and said my "R" like "w" haha
I always say embrace it, but that's easier said than done. I still find myself getting shy in certain settings. that's life no matter how old we get!
I think it was a mixture of both for me. I was both insecure and had a speech impediment (I used to stutter). I can still be a bit shy --- depending in what setting.
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