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Well.....this is the end for me. I have to call the contest quites since I'm so behind and spamming is wrong. I have to make some more money somehow if I want to see Big Bang. Bad thing is I have to go to Kcon with my best friend so I have to save $204 for that as well and good Big Bang tickets are really expensive. I don't know how I'll come up with the money but I have to somehow since the contest is a bust. *sigh* this is gonna be tough....The struggles of having no money and liking Kpop...
@kpopandkimchi yea at least I have a fun online community to be apart of. So I guess I'll just do what I normally do and forget the Big Bang tickets exist.
*big huuuug* I can't go to either show so I really hope you get to save up for at least one!! I'm glad the big bang thing led you to us though^^