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If I could resurrect one show from the graveyard of cancelled TV shows, it would be Happy Endings. Often incorrectly described as "just like Friends, but in Chicago", Happy Endings is much more than that.
A group of six friends handling careers and relationships may sound like it's been done plenty of times before, but Happy Endings is different. Each of the six friends has their own unique comedy style that they bring to the group, and when they're together it's one of the fastest-talking, wittiest sitcoms I've ever seen.
To understand why they're so great, you've got to meet the whole gang.
Max is the shameless friend who doesn't have any part of his life together. He's the lovable idiot of the group. One of his many great moments on the show involves him going into a month of hibernation like an actual bear.
Brad and Jane are the power couple...sort of. Their weird habits actually make them a pretty healthy couple whose relationship will end up making you jealous. One of their best couple moments involves Jane insulting Brad by calling him a housewife. To get revenge, he buys a teacup pig and brings it to Jane's office every day.
Alex and Dave provide the stupid humor (something that every sitcom needs). They're both a little slow to keep up with the fast-talking friend group, but, for the most part, they're two charming goofballs. Their best moment is when they manage to get locked inside the shower, inside the bathroom and inside their apartment for a day.
Penny brings some ridiculous physical comedy to the show, but she's probably one of the more relatable characters on the show. She's doing okay at work, going on bad dates and generally just trying to survive like the rest of us. Penny's greatest moment is when she's forced to wear a helmet around the city because she's run into so many things and is at risk of a concussion.
Individually, the characters are great, but it's not until they hang out as a group that the magic really happens.
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@christianmordi it was on for three seasons! unfortunately, it's not on Netflix, but I think you can find most of the episodes on YouTube. I wish a streaming service would pick it up!!
how many seasons did this one go on for? Can I find it on Netflix?
@Gavriella I think everyone identifies with Penny just a little..and that's totally fine, she's amazing. And she gets to date Nick
Ugh I miss this show... I definitely identify with Penny in an embarrassing way