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I still don't understand how tights rip so easily. Sometimes, I feel like I take one step in them and look down and see a huge rip in my new tights. How did that get there? Don't worry, I have some great tips and suggestions for how to keep rips from growing and how to prevent those annoying rips in the first place!

How to stop a rip from growing

So you look down and notice that there is a run in your tights. Don't panic. Before the run becomes a huge hole, grab a bottle of clear nail polish. Brush the clear nail polish on the rip and around the ripped area to prevent the rip or run from growing and becoming a huge hole.

How to prevent a rip

To keep from being in a situation with ripped tights again, there is an easy way to help prevent runs and rips in tights. Use hairspray! Spray hairspray all over your tights if you are particularly nervous about rips or just on the areas that are most susceptible to rips (like the heel area or the toe area).
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