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Alejandro González Iñárritu's next film, The Revenant, stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugo Glass. A man who is on a path of vengeance against people who left him for dead. Iñárritu's directorial prowess comes through immediately, even in the trailer. He barely tells the audience anything about the actual film (I had to look up the synopsis on IMDB) but he still provides a visually stunning and compelling trailer.
In a little over two minutes, Iñárritu captures the feeling of an epic film through the way he shoots/frames each scene. He gives us wide shots in large, scenic areas that really capture the scope of the film. By making the character the smallest part of the frame, we really get an understanding of where he fits into the world of the film. Iñárritu also shoots each scene as if the setting itself is another character within the film.
He also gives us some close-ups during battle scenes that laterally pan to show us what our character is looking at/fighting. By doing this without cutting, we get a sense of where he is in relation to everything around him. It also gives us the illusion of movement as if we're in the scene as a specter moving around each actor. Iñárritu allows us to feel like we're in the movie ourselves.
The Revenant will be in theaters this Winter (2015).
Yes, anything with Leo is set to be amazing. I am definitely going to watch this when it comes out in theaters.
I love Leo, love his movies, such a phenomenal actor!