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My choice in music doesn't determine my maturity and no I don't want to date, on your words, "A short Korean guy so I can bring him home in my pocket." First of all that is racist sure I want to date Zelo and GD but those two don't count because lots of other people want to marry them. Second of all, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE UNITED STATES WHO LIKES KPOP! I have told you that millions of times but you can't get that through your thick skull! Third of all, I can understand them based on the English words that are said in the song. So what if I know all the members' names of BIGBANG and lost them off as I blast their music. And so what if I know all about the lawsuits that ended some KPOP bands or that members from a KPOP band did against their management company. I'm not weird, I'm not a freak, this is ok, and I am happy listening to KPOP please don't judge! Sincerely, Your daughter (Credit to owner's picture)