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When you're desk-bound from 9 to 5 it's easy to get complacent. Get rid of the fear and loathing associated with the work day with these off-center tips and tricks.

1. Get up from your damn desk.

This may seem like common sense, but you do not know how many people just sit there all day. Even if it's just to get up and get a glass of water, moving around a little bit can give you energy. When the coffee isn't working try just taking a loop around the office.
You can actually hurt yourself by sitting for too long.

2. Get some ridiculously unnecessary, but ridiculously cute office supplies.

Looking down at your desk can be a bummer, but if it's decorated, or at least has some personal touches to it, will make you more comfortable in the workplace. Trust me!

3. Listen to music.

If you're in an office where people sit all day typing, which is how most offices are, you might get a little bored. That's just the way of the world. If you can pull up some songs that you can really jam to, it will make your day go faster. Trust me.

4. Cue up a documentary, or some other mind-stimulating thing to watch/ keep up on the screen while you do your work.

You can get educated and do you work at the same time. I love watching music documentaries while I write at work. I think that by engaging in something seriously interesting can spark your creativity and keep you occupied when the day is running slow.

5. Take some breaks.

Nobody can sit at a desk for eight hours straight and stare at a screen. Your eyes start to hurt, your body cramps up. Your hands cramp up. It's just not healthy. Take frequent breaks, go outside for some fresh air. You'll be happier and more productive too.

6. Meet / talk with new people at work every day.

Making friends isn't easy, but you can make it easier on yourself if you just introduce yourself. Try getting coffee or lunch with new people every day. This will keep you out of routine, which is the number one way to stay active and live at work.

7. Take 5 minutes at the beginning and end of the day to write down your thoughts. Think of it as a work journal.

Taking time for yourself is essential to success in any field. If you're constantly working without any reflection, you'll never learn how to fix your workday blues. Get a journal or notebook and write down your thoughts, it'll serve as a release from day today, and will give you a chance for you to look back.
Rockumentarys mostly they have enough music to not be distracting and it's fun too! @LauraFisher
@TessStevens what kind of documentaries do you watch? I can never seem to focus on work and the documentary! plus i just get to intrigued by the movie that i stop working all together haha
never heard of the "Work journal" before.. may give that a try. Great card!
Yeah, I write compulsively sometimes, and it really helps! @christianmordi it'll make you really figure out what's bugging you or making you happy