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As I might have already mentioned in another card, it is so hot this week in New York. Hot to the point of not wanting to even eat let alone use the stove. Just being around cooked food feels like descending into Hell.
But lets be real, we will get hungry. So here is some refreshing and healthy treats to eat during the heat that won't make you want to run screaming for the ice chips.
Healthy, smooth, chilled and comes in its own throw away bowl? Sounds like the perfect too hot summer day meal. Add some salt and maybe a hard boiled egg and you'll be filled up and cooled down.
Watermelon is a perfect way to beat the heat. Made up of mostly water, it will help hydrate you while tasting delicious. Keep the watermelon in the fridge for that extra added crispness and chill.
Pro Tip- Add a pinch of salt to your watermelon. it makes it soooo much juicer, plus helps get some sodium back into your sweaty body.
Frozen Grapes
A God-sent during the days that are hotter then hell. Freeze a few grapes and pop them like candy. They will instantly cool you off, plus they taste PERFECT!
Add some to your water like ice cubes to mix it up!
Fresh Seafood
Might sound really risky and weird but things like shrimp cocktail or freshly shucked Oysters are very refreshing during a hot day. If you can eat them overlooking the water and enjoy the ocean breeze that will only make it that much better.
Just avoid fried foods because they will NOT make you feel cooler. The heat/grease will just make you feel sick.
Make an epic salad with all the cool, crispy veggies you have in your fridge. Romaine lettuce, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, hard boil eggs are all perfect ingredients for a summer salad. Add some fruit and a light dressing and you'll be enjoying that salad as the sun is going down.
Frozen yogurt
Still kind of healthy!! Treat yourself to some fro-yo or an italian ice when the setting sun doesn't break the heat! You deserve it, plus wasn't ice cream invented for summer?
frozen blueberries are also AWESOME
@matshalledgar I totally would but I'm way too sensitive to wasabi 😅
@tayunnie @rodiziketan thats so funny because i never thought about frozen blueberries!! i need to go grocery shopping NOW!
but I will wait for the grape season, so a few more months. We have a lot of vineyards in my town, so I can't wait.
Does anyone have a recipe for those popsicles?
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