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best friend (n.) - a person's closest friend.

They're practically family and if you don't have one, I urge you to get one. When you need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on -- they are always there. You fuss and argue, but you both know you could never stay mad at each other for long. Whether your best friend lives around the corner or miles away -- distance means nothing when the love is there.
True friends are already hard to come across, so finding someone who you can genuinely call your best friend is few and far between. Whether you have a best friend or know someone who has a best friend -- these are five reasons why everyone needs a best friend in their life.

They Don't Judge You

Whether you're sticking with your boyfriend after he was a total jerk or you just downed ten beers in the last three hours, your best friend never judges you. I mean who wouldn't love someone who takes you for exactly who you are?

They Will Always Have Your Back Regardless

If you need backup for anything, your best friend is literally one phone call away.

They Have No Problem Acting A Fool With You

Whether you're hitting the 'nae-nae' in the middle of the store or twerking while walking down the street -- if you start it up, they will be sure to join in and have absolutely no shame.

They Make Singing In The Car Enjoyable

You know you can hit a tune when you're on your own driving down the highway, but hitting a tune with your best friend is so much more exciting. Reciting Fetty Wap lyrics is your favorite pastimes when your friend is there to help you out.

They Love You, Simply For Being You

You make mistakes, but who doesn't? They look past your flaws and accept you for being exactly that -- you. Whether you gain 50lbs or lose 50lbs, they will be right by your side the entire way. They'll be you're support system and your number one cheerleader. There's no love like the love of having a best friend.

What qualities do you look for in a best friend?

My bestfriend is always down for whisky and cheeseburger, and that's what makes her really great.
I agree with you, everyone needs a best friend. They are always there for you whenever you need them. Whether your near or far, best friends just cant be replaced. Just like you said... it's that one person you can laugh, cry, argue, party with, and just love for being themselves! :)
sounds like a hardcore meal lol I can dig it! @alywoah
MOST DEFINITELY!!!! Distance doesn't mean a thing. As long as you both know what it is, all is well :)