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http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/07/tiffany-likes-and-comments-on-one-of-g-dragons-instagram-posts them hearts was uncalled for.... lol im not crazy, i just don't think oppa is ready or needs a relationship right now. He is an amazing artist, without a girl...
Why are most fans supportive of Taeyang's relationship, but the minute someone might like GD, he's not "ready"? He's a grown man who deserves to be happy. Being an idol is lonely enough as is. If he finds someone who makes him happy, shouldn't we be supportive and let them sort it out themselves whether they're right for each other or not?
it's all good :) no matter if GD or TOP get married tomorrow they will always be my love
They would make a pretty cute couple though lol
Yeah totally understand, I was like why the hearts??? I'm a hardcore Nyongtori shipper so I spazzed a little when I saw this xD
Lol but then Gd already has a gf hahaaha
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