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Tiffany better back off my OPPA!!!
http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/07/tiffany-likes-and-comments-on-one-of-g-dragons-instagram-posts them hearts was uncalled for.... lol im not crazy, i just don't think oppa is ready or needs a relationship right now. He is an amazing artist, without a girl...
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hold up.... no shame here i like her
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@JazzyPie I got a little carried away. Sorry. -.-"
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it's all good :) no matter if GD or TOP get married tomorrow they will always be my love
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Lol but then Gd already has a gf hahaaha
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Yeah totally understand, I was like why the hearts??? I'm a hardcore Nyongtori shipper so I spazzed a little when I saw this xD
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