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I'm watching Who Are You? School 2015 right now and can I just say the Second Lead Syndrome is REAL! I'm not even sure who the second lead is...HOW DO I FIGURE IT OUT?
Is it Nam Joo Hyuk...is it Sungjae? Who do I root for?
(No spoilers please). I'm just going to share these photos of Joo Hyuk to calm down, lol.
Not sure if I can keep watching School 2015...what do you guys say?
@MinionPeach17 @kopkiki @TatiCee @Christy @JanetZheng @fourstargeneral @WonderPhan97 (Saw that you guys posted some cards about this drama) ^_^

If there are other K-drama stars (maybe your biases) who you would like to see photoshoots of, please let me know! :D
Look forward to more styles at K-Drama Star Style! ^_^

watch it, but you already know what's coming for all the second leads in K-dramas... but I'm rooting for Sungjae!
@MinionPeach17 That's the problem...I can't tell who the SL is lol @kopkiki I'm at episode 9...too scared to keep watching hahaha @christy I think it was Surplus Princess...he was SO CUTEEEEEE lol
@christy could it be "Surplus Princess'?
Love School 2015. have seen all of the episodes except the last one.
It's a great drama! My fave :)
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