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Flying. Falling. Euphoria. Anxiety.

Falling in love feels different for everyone, but here's my take. Can you identify?
Falling in love is the best feeling in the world. People say that all the time, but they never manage to convey just how amazing it really is – or how rare.
It's like you finally found the answer to a question you've been asking your entire life. And the answer comes in the form of the most wonderful person you've ever met.
Falling in love is a rush unlike any other.
Your heart beats faster – literally, not metaphorically – when you picture their face. You actually exhibit the bodily signs of someone running a race, or climbing a mountain, or fleeing for their life.
It's an adventure, one that takes place in your mind, the mind of another, and the space between you both.
Falling in love makes you stronger.
Suddenly, you're seized by the desire to be your best self. You're reading the books you've been putting off for ages, working out, learning to cook, anything to impress them.
They deserve the best, and that's what you want to be.
Falling in love makes you feel faint. Sometimes your breath catches in your throat when you think about them. You feel warm, like you're constantly running a low-grade fever. You can't concentrate on anything.
Falling in love is life-altering.
You feel your world tip slightly on its axis, in order to accommodate this new strange and wonderful being in your life. Suddenly, the world revolves around something other than you.

Falling in love is weird.

It's a sharp and painful longing that follows you wherever you go for as long as they're away.
It's flying high, on top of the world, brimming over with wonder at the beauty of it all.
It's desperate fear of tumbling down from those heights, and losing it all.
It's selfish, because you want those wonderful highs, and yet utterly selfless – because the desire to care for them is stronger than the desire to care for yourself. You want to protect them, sacrifice for them, even lose everything for them.
Falling in love is a disaster. A blessing. An adventure. Really, it's insanity.

Strange, beautiful insanity.

I wish I could feel these things! We've all got to work on something right? Lol Love the card
a friend of mine a long time ago said "to love is to leap, to be loved is a landing" and I don't know that I've ever heard it put better. I dig this list, though, and I totally agree.
Mannn I need to fall in love so I can feel these things! :)