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I really like missA and wanted to know who is your bias in missA?
Mine is Fei. I think she is very talented and absolutely beautiful!
which member in 2pm is your bias?
mine would be Taecyeon I think he is a great dancer! he also happens to be very attractive.
What about cnblue?
Mine is Jung yong hwa I absolutely love him. Very talented musician as well as actor. Loved him in heartstrings!
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MissA: Min 2pm: I can't choose between taecyeon or wooyoung Cnblue: I really don't know his name at the moment but he used to have long hair~~ and the drummer (I'm bad at remembering names)
@SashaLove that is Minhyuk
In Miss A my bias is Fei, in 2pm mine is Taecyeon, in CNBLUE it's Minhyuk. We’re pretty similar lol
@sarahmoss thank you very gamsa!
1) fei 2)wooyoung 3) Jung yong hwa