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I did a double-take when I first read the news, too. The recent news broke my heart at first, but after further investigation, it seems that there is still hope for Mindy and Danny.
According to Mindy Kaling, who recently found a new home for her show on Hulu, JGL will be joining The Mindy Project for one episode set in the future. It'll be one of those episodes that jumps forward in time in a sort of alternate-reality scenario. In this case, the episode will shows what Mindy's life would be like if she'd never dated Danny. That life doesn't sound too bad either because it involves being married to JGL.
Now that I know that Mindy and Danny still stand a chance, I can just continue to awe Mindy for her incredible guest stars. From Seth Rogen to Seth Meyers, she's so immersed in the comedy world that pretty much any funny guy will happily play her love interest. How awesome would that be!??!
I'm interested to see JGL on the show. He's a funny guy but isn't exactly known for his comedy roles. I'm excited to see where this goes, and I bet Fox is regretting it's decision to cancel The Mindy Project right about now.
@danidee yes, she is a perfect human being I think so anything she does will be amazing I have no doubt @marshalledgar I'm not totally sure why it was cancelled, it was pretty popular but maybe the ratings went down on FOX and they decided to cancel it? Hulu picked it up though, so there will be more seasons!!
JGL and Mindy are such a weiiiird couple, but Mindy is my favorite person ever, so she can do no wrong.
I'm new to Mindy project. why was it cancelled by Fox
Agreed! If they could date in real life, that would just be perfect. @LauraFisher
@nicolejb agreed! She and Danny have been such a long time coming, I would be sad if they ended up not working out or something! But yeah, she and JGL don't really seem like that realistic of a couple...I think Seth Rogen was her perfect match, personally.
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