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fill in the blanks
❤You're beautiful ( Jung Yong-hwa ) ❤ #Dramafever (comment your second lead who you fell for)
❤stairways to heaven (Kim Tae-hee)❤ #Dramafever comment below both of your answer together
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I wouldnt say this is the first second lead syndrome but these are some of them. First, Kong Tae-Gwang from school 2015, like how did she not choose him? Second, Choi Young Do from Heirs,LMH's character wasnt even that good!smh Finally, Lin Guan Jun from substitute princess, like he had it all going and screwed it up. Plus Terry was a bitch to him too always putting him down when he try to better himself. aggghh. I would slap Ha Jae Kyeong for trying to ruin Gu Jun Pyo life!!