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My Points Didn't Update
I know points are supposed to update at midnight everyday but for some reason mine did not. I know I'm supposed to have at least 1000 more points than I do now so I'm wondering what happened.
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mine only update every 2-3 days ( 0.o )
2 years ago·Reply
same but I'm wondering does everyone's update at the same time cause I'm wondering how people already have 15,000 and I'm not even in the 10,000s?
2 years ago·Reply
there has been a huge influx in people in the kpop community so maybe it's just taking a bit longer than normal!! I know my points update quite often overall but for each community my points and ranking do take 2-3 days to update for those trying for the big bang tickets hopefully they take that into account when the time limit ends good luck if you are aiming for them!!
2 years ago·Reply
Ok good I thought it was just me. ok well not good but its nice to know that im not doing anything wrong may just take more time for points to be updated
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah there's just a lot of people and it takes longer. It happened last week where it didn't update for three days if anyone noticed that also haha. :)
2 years ago·Reply