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No-Sew Tulle Tutu Tutorial

I am OBSESSED with this cute tulle tutu tutorial that I found online! It's so easy and the best part is it's completely a NO-SEW PROJECT! OMG! I could become the tulle queen in my sleep doing hundreds of these!
You will need:
Stretchy knit waist/headband (OR elastic)
50-100 yards of tulle (6" wide spool)
Depending on the length of your skirt, you will want to double that for your strip measurements. So, if you want a 12" skirt, you want 24" strips.
To make, fold each strip in half and using the folded end, thread through the knit band. Bring the other ends of the strip through the loop of the tulle and pull to cinch tightly.
Repeat this until you get the fullness you desire.
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