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If you haven't heard, the second biggest dating website in the world, Ashley Madison, has been hacked and all members information is threatening to be dumped into the internet.
Oh, did I mention that Ashley Madison's slogan is; "Life is short. Have an affair?"
Yupp, you heard that right, Ashley Madison, a "dating" site with over 37 million members specializes in helping men and women have affairs.
Sometimes I hate the world.
So now today is filled with over 37 million people panicking. The hackers calling themselves "The Impact Team" are threatening to release everyones name, personal info, sexual fantasies and nudes unless the site gets shut down.
Today really isn't a good day to be a cheater is it?
While I really could not care less if all these cheaters get caught in their infidelity (I secretly hope they do), I do have a problem with releasing someones private information. While "The Impact Team's" main goal is to shut down this disturbing dating site, their threats are an act of cyber terrorism.
Just because someone is a terrible/shitty person does not take away their fundamental rights as a human. Each person; man, woman or cheater, deserves the right to privacy. This means releasing information like their credit card numbers is ridiculous, morally wrong and illegal.
But honestly, credit cards can be cancelled, releasing private photos and sexual fantasies is an act of cyber sexual assault, which has been a hot topic of debate and conversation since the hacking and release of many A-List celebrity nudes. If we want people to stop thinking of released nudes as the "she shouldn't have been wearing that short skirt" excuse of the internet, even shitty people need to be protected.
So I am on the fence about this hack. I would love to see a cheating website removed completely, and the members names released, but threats to release more personal information kind of takes way from the cause.
I've seen this happen a lot. People hacking and releasing personal information on people they may not disagree with. I think that's really pushing the lines. It shouldn't happen. And I believe that eventually, the "horrible" things people do, will eventually catch up to them.
what if a pre-existing husband and wife met up on ashley madison, having used fake names/pictures
Hacking is a crime--regardless of intent. Releasing private information, whether it's a credit card or a photo is also a crime. Breaking the law and then exposing protected property as a means of "justice" is cowardice and those who are part of this criminal activity have no concept of what true justice is.
@VinMcCarthy thats some "do you like pina coladas" stuff!! haha
may not agree with*
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