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I love soaps, especially really cute and fragrant ones. So when I saw these darling popsicle soaps with the wooden sticks, I about lost my mind! LOVE THESE! And you will too.
You need a few supplies to get started:
Soap base (Michael's, Hobby Lobby and other craft stores or online)
Soap fragrance or essential oils (if you want these scented)
Soap color (not food color!!!!!)
Wooden sticks
You want to cut up the soap base into squares, which are pre-scored and then microwave for about 30 seconds.
Next, add soap fragrance or essential oils if you want.
Mix in drops of soap color until the color is achieved.
Fill popsicle forms (that you can find online)
Spray a small amount of alcohol between each layer to eliminate air bubbles.
Add wooden sticks while the soap is hardening.
If you want layers of color, make sure you don't touch the sides of the form.
Use clear soap base for clear soaps. Use opaque soap base for solid soaps.
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