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Here are my Top 10 songs for Summer 2015!!!
10: Good Boy - GD X Taeyang ( )
From someone who loves EDM and Kpop this song is a great one to turn up at the party and keep it going all night long!!!
Good song with a great feel to it that totally gets you pumped for whatever (or whoever) comes at you that day!
8: Dirty Vibe - Skrillex ft. G-Dragon and CL ( )
Great song to jam to alone or at a party!!! And of course with GD and CL what more could anyone ask for!!!
7: Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet ( )
This song is so happy go lucky and fun that it's a must have on a summer playlist!
Super fun song that just oozes summer vibes! Who doesn't love this song!?!?
Great song with an even better meaning! Definitely one of my most played songs this summer!
I know, I know! You're probably thinking "So much G-Dragon". I'm suprised too seeing as I don't listen to him that often. But this song has such a fun free vibe and the music video is what I wish my summer looked like sooooo yeah!
The name says it all! This song is the perfect song to just jam out and Go Crazy to!!!
This song has been stuck in my head since it came out!!! Great song, great video, free spirited feel. Perfect for summer parties!
If you didn't see this coming xD hahaha!!!! My girls killed it again with this song!!! And don't even get me started on Sunny (if you haven't seen it she looks STUNNING)! The song is great and the M/V just totally reinforces the summer theme (and makes me totally jealous of the cameraman) but yeah, fangirl moment over!
Well there is my Summer 2015 playlist everybody!!! Tell me what you think in the comments!!! Love you all and I hope you have a safe, fun, and epic summer!!!
Thanks @MattK95 and @jiggzy19 !!! It took me soooooo long to narrow it down to 10 and then putting them in order was super hard too! But I finally got it right! Haha!!!
Well this would be a great list to play at a party!!! Great job and thanks for participating @Cryomorph \(^-^)/
Good Playlist!!
@Cryomorph I can never put them in a particular order, it's too difficult lol, so I just jumble them up XD
I LOVE this list @Cryomorph! DAE to the BAK!
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