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After we had so much fun with goats in last week's Funny Caption Challenge (another congratulations to winner @PercyJackson!), I decided to put together a card on some of the best goat memes out there.
Double pun power! I hope no one goats hurt...
Gently down the stream... what I want to know is, where on earth is this guy going?
Even baby goats can buy guns now? This is what's wrong with America.
GOAT BUTTERS! Perfect for all your standard hauntings and ghost exterminations.
Introducing... Stoner Goat! He's full of gems, such as:
That's so true, dude.
These memes are goating out of hand!!
Thanks for being my goat-to guys, Funny Vinglers. Hope everybody has a great week!
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That fourth gif “Shit Just Goat Serious!” hahaha he’s goat guns, and goat some serious guts.
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb LOVE IT. and yayy haha @buddyesd i'm glad :)
2 years ago·Reply
Oh my goat, these are ridiculous.
2 years ago·Reply
These are funnier than my caption omg
2 years ago·Reply
the serious goat: se halló to ma leetle frenz
2 years ago·Reply
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