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Sorry I havent been keeping up as well as I should. But with the comeback approaching very very soon they are on social media so much!!! It's wonderful!!! But translating it all and reposting it takes more time. So I will probably split it up into Twitter and Instagram every few days and try to put it in chronological order!! Hope you appreciate! and Im sorry if these are late :(
[20150718]: TRANS- #GottaGoToWork #INeedToResearchSummerSafety #SafeWaterPlay [20150719]: TRANS- #GottaGoToWork #GottaGoToWork #GottaGoToWork #GottaGoToWork A few minutes left gogo!
[20150719]: TRANS- BEAST is rising!!! [20150720]: CAPTION- Beast!!!!!!!!!!
[20150719] TRANS- I should eat this again #GottaGoToWork has been released check check check
Hyunseung also posted a video
Have you listened to Gotta Go To Work yet?!? Check it out!! If you have listened to it what do you think about it? Personally, from the moment i first heard it it was in my favorites Cant wait for the whole album!! B2ST & B2UTY forever ∀ΔΣ & ∀Σ 영원히